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AttyAssistant is an economical solution to your practice or law department's staffing needs.

AttyAssistant provides attorneys with as-needed legal assistant services.   Save on staffing overhead by sending common assistant tasks or projects out of house.   

AttyAssistant is can:

  • Proofread documents

  • Summarize legal authorities

  • Summarize transcripts

  • Cite check

  • Draft correspondence/word process

  • Research

  • Prepare spreadsheets

Projects and tasks are billed per hour or per page.  Submit a request below for more information.   AttyAssistant will respond with an estimate within 24 hours.

AttyAssistantant is available to provide administrative support to licensed attorneys in good-standing.   AttyAssistant does not provide legal advice. 

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By submitting this request I attest that I am a licensed attorney in good standing.

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NOTE:  AttyAssistant does not provide legal services to the general public. AttyAssistant provides services to attorneys in good standing with the American Bar Association, State Bar Association and Local Bar Association. If you are in need of legal assistance and you are not an attorney, you must seek the advice of an attorney.  Please do not submit requests that are not made by a licensed attorney.

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